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vol. 2, issue 1
September, 2003
New York Events 
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June 2003
Streaming Media NY - formerly Streaming Media East - was the smallest event in its five-year history.  Now owned by Information Today* and co-located with the information conference, Streaming Media NY returned to the New York Hilton, where it debuted in 1999.  Although only a dozen vendors participated in the trade show, the conference program remained top quality and attracted attendance appropriate to the space.  The mood of attendees was upbeat and focused, indicating that the survivors are poised to lead the next wave of streaming development.

* "Information Today Acquires Streaming Media, Inc.", 
The Write News

July 2003
DVExpo held its second east coast event  at the Javits Center.  This year a conference was added in addition to the trade show.  PlayStream was the sole streaming firm to exhibit at this robust event.  The World Wide Web Artists Consortium hosted a panel to present innovative uses of digital video, which was well received.  Of all the events this summer, this one had the most energy and was the one that seemed to expand in scope and attendance.  It is also the least directly affected by the fortunes of the Internet.

Sept. 2003
TechXNY, co-located with PCExpo, although held at the Javits Center, was disconcertingly small for a generic tech event and was strikingly low key.  As an indicator of the general state of the tech economy, it was not encouraging.   Streaming was not altogether absent, as Silicon Alley Station webcast live from the event.

Digital Media Wire newsletter

WWWAC Panel Creates 
Stir at DVExpo 

July 2003
The World Wide Web Artists Consortium presented a panel at DVExpo of three ventures that are using digital media to create new forms of expression.

Countless Stories dynamically combines streaming video clips from a topical search of the Countless Stories database to create a customized show for the web site visitor.  The excitement level of the audience indicated a recognition that this is the kind of breakthrough application we all envisioned from the Internet revolution.  Developed as a project at Marymount Manhattan College, the technology needs exposure and funding. 

Neutrino Nation is a comedy team that uses digital video for improvisation.  Working with a theme, the performances are created and captured on video, immediately returned to the theater for on-the-fly mixing and presentation to the audience while the performers venture out again to record the next segment.

Nora Barry, Director of the Streaming Cinema Festival in Philadelphia, sponsored an ambitious international project of digital filmmakers in several countries.  Each created a film based on the same story.  These works were then independently mixed and streamed, creating a new derivative work. 

Each of these innovative projects is worth checking out.

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