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Streaming Media Alliance, Inc.

Together, we will show the world.




[  ] Click here to join the non-profit Streaming Media Alliance, Inc.   There are no dues in the first year for Charter Members who join by September 1, 2000.

[  ] I am a content provider.

[  ] I represent a website wanting streaming programming.

[  ] I am an industry vendor or supporter.

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Streaming Media Alliance, Inc.


The ‘Streaming Media Alliance’ is a democratic, non-profit networking organization of Internet companies and individuals that embrace a philosophy of ‘shared content’, and who want to work together on a global basis to advance the cause of streaming and sBusiness.


[  ] An organizational meeting is planned at the New York Hilton Hotel and Towers to coincide with Streaming Media East, June 12 to 14, 2000.  Click here if you plan to attend and would like details as they are available.


·         Shared Content


‘Shared content’ is good for the consumer because it means programming of individual interest can be accessed from portals and destination sites throughout the web, and throughout the world.   It is good for member providers because viewership for quality content may be exponentially expanded, increasing advertising and sponsorship revenue potential.   And ‘shared content’ is good for participating websites because it vastly expands the amount of topical, related and general content available for any member site’s programming.


·       Non-Broadcasters May ‘Join the Revolution’


Streaming on the web has been tagged ‘The 3rd Broadcast Revolution’.  You don’t have to be presently broadcasting to join the ‘Alliance’ and begin to stream the content of our Alliance members on your site.  This is content which is freely available to you, whether you are a broadcaster or currently a non-broadcast website.


·         Premium and Restricted Content Excepted


Membership in the Streaming Media Alliance simply means you are stating your interest in providing selected streaming content from your site to others and/or broadcasting the streaming content provided by others on your site.  You will have the option of identifing as ‘Premium’ or ‘Restricted’ content which is not available. 


·         ‘Premium’ means there is a revenue model attached to the content that must be negotiated before it is available for other Alliance members.  


·        ‘Restricted’ means it is content which is not available for redistribution due to ‘rights’ and other issues.   


As the Alliance matures, additional wholly optional programs, including syndication, advertising, e-Commerce, licensing, business services, co-op promotional and other revenues opportunities will be introduced which you may find beneficial.   We will keep our Members apprised of such opportunities available via email and through postings on this site.


·         General Terms and Conditions


Information about Streaming Media Alliance Charter Members and their contents will be made available to all members.   Each member reserves the right to use or not to use any content made available.   Membership and participation is strictly voluntary.   Participation in the Streaming Media Alliance does not guarantee use of your content by anyone.   The Streaming Media Alliance reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of content, and to remove it from consideration for inclusion for any reason.   Membership in the Streaming Media Alliance is not effective until you have received an email Notice of Acceptance from the administrators.


Cell Phone

Contact Person for Permissions

Email Address for Permissions

Phone for Permissions

List URLs controlled by you included in this program

General Description of your content for each


[   ] Click here if any of your content has an e-Commerce or ‘Pay-Per-Play’, ‘Pay-Per-View’, Subscription or other special revenue model.  Please describe.


About the Alliance


·         Officers and Directors


Biographies of officers and directors, following their nomination and election, will appear here.


[  ] If you are willing to serve as an officer, director, or head of a Task Force, please Click here.


·         ByLaws


(Use attached bylaws)




Streaming Provider (Principle), Streaming Broadcaster (General), Individual, Associate and Sponsor memberships are open to all who qualify.   Dues will be set by the Board of Directors.  First year dues are waived for Charter Members who join prior to September 1, 2000.


·         Members benefit in many ways:


1.     Share content of other members as it is available


2.     Make your non-Premium and non-Restricted content available globally


3.     Participate in networking meetings and roundtables with other Members


4.     Receive alerts concerning important new developments


5.     Become eligible for revenues sharing opportunitiesfor your Premium content when introduced


6.     Work in concert to support important technological advances


7.     Share on-demand, customization and programming platforms as developed


8.     Charter members have name, logo and link in our on-line directory


9.     Become eligible to share in joint marketing, tradeshow pavilions, etc.




[  ] Principal Membership.  We originate or host streaming content, as a streaming broadcaster or content provider.


[  ] General Membership. We do or would like to link to streaming content as available, as a streaming carrier.


[  ] Individual Membership.  I work in the industry but am joining separate from my company.


[  ] Associate Membership.  We are vendors providing software, technology, equipment, hosting, capital, insurance or other services to streaming media companies.


[  ] Sponsor.  We are a vendor or otherwise want to support the Alliance.  Please contact us about sponsorship opportunities for events, pavilions, roundtables, Task Forces and in support of other high profile activities.


Your Company

Primary website URL

Your Name

Your Title

Official Contact Email Address

Content Representative

His/Her Title

Email Address

Technical Representative

His/Her Title

Email Address






·         Implied Agreement


By joining the Streaming Media Alliance as a Charter Member, you agree to:


1.      Include only content as ‘available’ for sharing for which you certify you control or own full internet or digital media rights to broadcast, share or syndicate.


2.      Participate on a steering committee to provide feedback;


3.      Vote in elections to choose officers and set policy;


4.      Inclusion in joint press releases with the administrator, Streamedia, and other Members where appropriate;


5.      Participation in Streaming Roundtables and forums used as networking events;


6.      Representation of the Alliance and its objectives in industry and non-industry seminars, forums, webcasts, panels, conventions, etc.;


7.      Provide an executive quote to be used in press releases and other promotions; and


8.      Provide your company name and logo (unless joining as an Individual) for use in promotional campaigns, tradeshow presentations, product mailings and on the Streaming Media Alliance webpages.


Member Links


Links to Member Websites will be provided here as a member service.


Streamedia Partners, LLC

In accordance with the ByLaws, the Alliance will be administered by Streamedia Communications, Inc., its founding sponsor, or its nominee, which is Streamedia Partners, LLC, a for-profit limited liability corporation.

[  ] Click here if you are interested in receiving additional information about opportunities to participate in the Partners, LLC.

The Streaming Media Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit organization, governed via its by-laws by an elected Board of Directors.   Streamedia Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMIL), is providing administrative services, web development and maintenance and office space to the Streaming Media Alliance during the organizational period.   The Streaming Media Alliance publishes ‘UpStream, recognized as the worldwide ‘Voice of Streaming Media’.

The Alliance is located at 244 W. 54, 7th Floor, NYC, NY 10019.  Email:


 Members of Streamedia Partners, LLC, will be considered Co-founding Sponsors of the Streaming Media Alliance, Inc., and their logos and links will be prominently identified here and elsewhere on the site.