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Streaming Media Alliance, Inc.

Together, we will show the world.


Task Forces and Objectives

Global task forces are being organized to provide Members with a means to resolve many of the pressing issues confronting the streaming media community.  Task Forces are empowered to formulate policy, join any and all alliances necessary to achieve their objectives, to issue reports, to form special subcommittees, to pursue regulatory change, and even to hold public hearings.

[  ] If you are willing to serve on (or chair) a task force, please Click here and identify the task force(s) which interest you.

Internet Media Rights

Internet Media Rights Task Force

The Task Force on Internet Media Rights (IMRs) will explore copyright and trademark issues related to content sharing and deep linking, and will maintain the lists of available content.

Objective: to develop a standard for digital and internet rights, and to articulate support for the protection of content ownership in the web broadcast environment.

Bandwidth Access

The Task Force on Bandwidth Access will support ‘last mile’ equal access, as well as wireless and other solutions.

Objective: to impact the cost of bandwidth for members, including the possibility of cooperative buying, to influence new paradigms for bandwidth pricing, and to speed the availability of fast bandwidth access to every doorstep.


Internet and Civilization

The Task Force on the Internet and Civilization will explore ways for streaming media to enhance human interactivity and public and community service, especially among youth.

Objective: to study the impact of the computer and streaming media on interpersonal habits, and to develop programs and programming that features an interactive ‘community’ interface rather than a lone experience.

Streaming Technology

The Task Force on Streaming Technology will provide the organization’s members with important data on advances in the science.

Objective: to provide members with an R&D function, as well as provide members with an important coalition to influence a common player platform, currently controlled by competing forces to the expense of the industry and at an enterprise loss to the end user.


Wireless and Appliances

The Task Force on Wireless and Appliances will develop information and relationships designed to assist members in serving the non-PC industry.

Objective: to coalesce members on the front lines providing  or syndicating content to the handheld, mobile, automotive and other rapidly developing markets, to assure equal access by all to these features.

Global Commerce

The Task Force on Global Commerce will work to enhance revenues and eCommerce opportunities via regional and worldwide collaborations.

Objective: to stimulate access to all members to the entire global community by sharing some of the costs to overcome the barriers to entry, and to share information about cultural and political environments associated with the world wide web and streaming media.


The Task Force on Education will seek to influence and guide editorial coverage on the industry, assist in the organzation’s newsletter, website and networking, as well as to arrange trade shows, pavilions, roundtables, events etc.

Objective: to advance the industry within the media and provide opportunities for all members to join in marketing and promotional alliances.

Capital Growth

The Task Force on Capital Growth will study the market, develop financial resources and capital sources, and prepare reports which assist in identifying the growth of the industry.

Objective: to spur access to investment capital for members.

Advertising and Sponsorships

The Task Force on Advertising will work with advertisers and their agencies to create new paradigms and convergence strategies to attract ad dollars into members’ sites and webcast streams.

Objective: to create in-stream advertising and sponsorship rates and data, to standardize CPM criteria for different levels of streaming delivery, and to develop standards for audience measurement.

Streaming Media Foundation

The Streaming Media Foundation will be established to provide support for education and programs to advance streaming media as a profession and science.

Objective: to create a charitable adjunct to the Alliance to support the archivals of pioneering streaming media, develop alliances with art and other institutions, and to create scholarships to challenge individuals to adopt streaming media as a profession or career.  


Please identify any other Task Forces or Objectives you believe the organization should establish or on which you would be willing to serve: