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The Arts & Entertainment Task Force has its own website at
Chair:  Jonathan Slaff,

                    The Task Force's initial work will focus on setting up
                    structures to deal with artists' rights in this new medium.
                    Specifically, there are three near-term goals:
                    (1) To facilitate the development of arts content and
                    develop industry codes for talent and rights-related
                    (2) To expedite the development of live and recorded
                    performances, including commercials, into streaming
                    content while protecting the authorship and
                    performance rights of actors, authors, composers and
                    artists of all kinds.
                    (3) To bring industry leaders, artists' representatives
                    and the performing unions together to develop
                    standards for residual compensation, monitoring and
                    talent payments.

                    We will be active in the scientific work necessary to
                    prepare the business environment for the orderly
                    integration of talent-based professions. This will
                    (a) promoting the development of monitoring systems to
                    serve the needs of talent relations and intellectual
                    property protection in Internet-based industries and
                    (b) the technological assessment of such systems for
                    the protection of artists and other individuals whose
                    livelihoods will rely on them.