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Media Contact:

Ray Ivatt

Streaming Media Alliance meets at NAB2002

LAS VEGAS, Nevada April 8th, 2002 The Streaming Media Alliance announces that it is

meeting today, Monday April 8, at NAB2002, the National Association of Broadcasters conference

and exhibition. Members of the Alliance and other professionals with an interest in streaming media,

web-casting and content-sharing are cordially invited to attend the meeting, which will convene at

5PM at the Loral Skynet Booth, S9044, in the Sands Convention Center.

Purpose of Meeting

The Alliance is a bottom-up organization, grass roots in its development, with individual chapters

and task forces that operate autonomously. The purpose of the meeting is to update members on

Alliance activities and to exchange ideas on the future of streaming media and the current needs of

the industry and of Alliance members.

More About The Streaming Media Alliance

The Streaming Media Alliance, Inc., is a non-profit networking organization of Internet companies

and individuals working together on a global basis to advance the cause of streaming. It has been

established as a research, informational and resource tool for the companies that provide, use and

enable audio and video on the Internet, and for their investors and vendors. The Alliance operates to

increase the opportunities for dialogue about important issues impacting members and participants.

Issues include bandwidth, technology, content distribution, regulatory developments and

convergence. An important mission for the Alliance is to help bridge the information gap between

companies, organizations and the media regarding the role, contribution and future of streaming