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vol. 2, issue 3
July, 2004

Digital Rights Still a Morass

Attendees at Jupiter Media's  Digital Rights Management Strategies Conference held April 12-14 in New York received the latest information on the state of copyright in the digital world, but not many answers.   The reality is that whoever has the deepest pockets wins.  "Fair use"  is only a theoretical defense. 

Upcoming Events

Streaming Media East, May 11-12.

Internet Planet, Jun 15-16.

Articles of Interest

New bill to make peer-to-peer networks illegal in the US.

Rising ad revenues includes streaming

Broadband Elite

Report: Cell Phone Video Delivery to Generate $4.7 Billion by 2008 

Report: One-Fifth of U.S. Now Has Broadband; 40% Projected by 2008 

Report: U.S. Mobile Video Services to Generate $5.4 Billion by 2009

Report: For First Time, Music Not Most Popular File Download 

Streaming Video Content Comparison

Category      Share 
Music           33%     
News           28%  
Sports          17% 
Film             11% 
Internet TV     6%
Entertainment  5%
                                                       Source: AccuStream iMedia Research

Venture Capital Continues to Flow into Streaming Media

Venture capital continues to flow into streaming media companies.   Here are some highlights.

WorldGate Communications - $1.5 million - private placement - Net video Phone .

MediaBay - $4 million - private placement - streaming spoken word audio.

Oplayo - $5.58 million - Siemens, Nokia - cell phone streaming video technology.

LoudEye - $20 million - private placement - stremaing song samples.

EyeBlaster - $8 million - Insight Venture Partners - rich media advertising.

Kassena - $15 million - Key Ventures - broadband delivery services.

Featured Streaming Websites


Also of note -

AtomFilms launches Hi-Def full-screen Internet movie service with Maven Networks. 

Real/Starz Cable launch Internet movie service

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