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UpStream: The Global Voice of Streaming Media
Vol. 1, No. 1 / Thursday, June 8, 2000
Circulation: 21,389
'Together we will show the world.'

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'UpStream: The Global Voice of Streaming Media' is the often irreverant,
provocative, interactive electronic controlled circulation newsletter
dialogue among broadcasters and distributors of, and executives interested
in, dynamic, rich streaming media. It is designed to be the voice of the
streaming industry to the 'outside' corporate world. UpStream is published
under the auspices of the non-profit Streaming Media Alliance, Inc.
Membership dues in the Alliance are waived for the first six months for
Charter Members who join by July 10, 2000.

Write for more information, or to submit comments,
opinions and short (!!) articles. (soon debuting)

**************************** INFORMATION ********************************

Meet the people driving the online content industry at

********** INTERNET CONTENT WEST **************
July 10-11, 2000 at Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles
The World's Largest Independent Event for Online-Content Providers...
The Mega-Content Brainstorming of the year...
The Industry's Inner-Circle Meeting place...
Go to for full event information.


<> IT'S A STREAMING WORLD: Grab a fishing pole.
<> GET REAL: Top Street Analysts Looking for Coattails.
<> PET PEEVE? The fix is in.
<> ASK NOT WHAT THE ALLIANCE CAN DO: You know the drill ...
<> sCOMMERCE: Whaddya know. A revenue model.
<> WEBCELEBS? Your next call may be from Tom Cruise.
<> THE 'STREAMING 100': A place in the history books.
<> CALENDAR: Dizzy, bizzy week ahead.

Come on in, the water's fine!
Join by writing (to be constructed)

The 'Committee of 100' leaders (see list at end) in the streaming community
cordially invite you to join the Streaming Media Alliance, Inc., the global
organization with the 'bottom up', action-oriented leadership philosophy.
Good news: there are no dues for the first six months for companies and
individuals who join as Founding Members on or before July 10, 2000! Dues
will be set by the Board after one is elected next Monday.

Streaming Magazine's ( upcoming June issue
states the mission of the organization thusly: to "work together to remove
the speed barriers to the information highway, create a global repository
of digital visual content that will soon rival that of any other
communications medium, and pave the way in the coming wireless,
'websiteless' world for the third broadcast revolution."

For a free issue:

The Alliance is holding its organizing session Monday, June 12, 6 p.m. to 7
p.m. in the Penthouse West Suite of the New York Hilton Hotel. The suite,
on the 45th and 46th floors, is open hospitality-style for Members and
prospective Members who want to network or just rest your body from 3:30
p.m. to 9:30 p.m. It is accessible by private elevator from the Executive
Floor (44). Attendees will have to register for the Exhibition, however,
and that is free through Friday (see below).

sCHAPTERS: Some of the Organizers are establishing chapters in Asia,
Europe, South America and some U.S. cities such as Los Angeles (hey, isn't
that pretty much another country?). When joining, send your locale and
we'll facilitate getting you together. A chapter for the Benelux countries
is being organised by Erwin Jansen at, and a
chapter for Australia is being organised by Mark Muggeridge at If you live or work in those locales, join here
and write there or join there and write here or something <g>. The Organizing Session will be videotaped by Member B2B
Portal, and will be available for you to peek in by the end
of next week at It's the "Streamin' Screamin' P'Jammers" coming to a party
near you! A chance to toot your own horn! For real. You or your spouse
(or 'sigother') are invited to pack your favorite musical instrument for
the networking party in the Penthouse Suite after the Organizing Session
and entertain us -- and you. Calling all 'musicians'. Napster beware,
however. Xportical may tape and webcast you! Free registration to view the exhibits at Streaming Media East
in NYC June 12 to 14 ends Friday, June 9. After that, it's $40 (not Lira)
outtapocket. So register online at: Sponsorships for 'food and bev' (there is a bar) are now
open. Call US 212 484 4747 or write back ASAP if interested. Another high
visibility opportunity is sponsored limousines to ferry your customers and
Alliance Members to the several off premises parties in the evening.
Vouchers would be issued in the suite if available.

Top Street analysts Looking for coattails.
Streaming Media Sector Analyst Forum June 13 paves the way.

Date Open High Low Close Volume 
05/26/00 34.250 34.500 31.500 33.000 1,425,200 
05/30/00 34.250 38.375 33.750 38.187 3,021,800 
05/31/00 37.312 40.250 36.250 36.312 3,143,100 
06/01/00 38.375 40.750 37.250 40.562 3,655,300 
06/02/00 43.000 45.000 42.000 44.812 3,080,400 
06/05/00 44.687 45.000 42.875 44.000 1,731,000 
06/06/00 44.500 47.875 43.500 45.062 2,553,000 
06/07/00 44.062 45.125 42.312 45.000 1,436,300 

That's the chart for RNWK, rising from a low of $31.50 just a week ago, and
topping out at $47.87 only 7 days later! While still not testing its
52-week high of $96, Real Networks, since its hoopla of a week ago, would
clearly drive the streaming media sector -- if the Street just knew what
that comprises!

The Alliance, even while still in the womb, has been hard at work through
its nascent Task Force on Capital Growth, helping the Street identify other
comers, and maybe even a future NBC, AOL, Intel or Cisco, by co-sponsoring,
with Member Investrend Analyst Forums, Member InvestorBroadcast and
BusinessWire, the first annual Streaming Media Sector Analyst Forum,
Tuesday, June 13, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Penthouse West Suite.

A continental breakfast will be available, courtesy of Viewcast (Nasdaq:

The Forum has been dubbed the 'first annual' because it quickly became a
hot ticket, with the presenting public companies filling the six available
investment presentation slots within three hours after invitations were
issued. Similarly, some of the leading analysts and money managers at
Credit Suisse|First Boston, Merrill Lynch, C.E. Unterberg Towbin, Lehman
Brothers, as well as key investment bankers and venture capitalists from
throughout the world, have registered to attend this inaugural event.

Presenters include (see for program schedule,
including times and order of presentations):

David Bullis, President and COO, Loudeye Technologies, (Nasdaq: LOUD),

Ran Eisenberg, CEO, Optibase, (Nasdaq: OBAS) 

Kirk O. Knapp, Streaming Media Business Development Manager, Network
Appliance, (Nasdaq: NTAP)

Doug Mcintyre, President and CEO,, (Amex: ONT)

James D. Rupp, President and CEO, Streamedia Communications (Nasdaq: SMIL)

Randy S. Selman, President and Chairman, Visual Data Corporation (Nasdaq:

A full listing of the 72 companies identified by the Task Force as
belonging to the sector will be available to attendees, as well as
investment materials from several of the other companies in the sector.

The program will be keynoted by Jupiter Communication's streaming expert,
Seamus McTeer, Director, Web Technologies ( The
closing speaker will be Eric Rhoads, Publisher, Streaming Magazine

Other speakers and panelists include David Andelman, Editor-in-Chief, Small
Cap Center (; David J. Cummings, Managing
Partner, Agile Equity, LLC (; Ray Ivatt, VP,
Technology, Watson-International (;
Sophia Ghachem, Analyst, Merrill Lynch; Myles Davis,
Entertainment Analyst, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; and
Gerald F. LaKarnafeaux, CFA, VP, Investrend Research

The Forum will be chaired by D. Terence Jones, Esq., Partner, Wiggin & Dana
(, who is General Counsel to the Alliance's
Organizing Committee.

The fix is in.

Mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? You're not alone. (And
wasn't that movie about kicking the TV habit and some butt at the
"multinational conglomerate" level; and isn't that what we're doing with

But more likely you aren't mad; you just want to have a say in the way our
industry is expanding ... er, exploding ... rather than sitting idly while
the daily press releases about this or that "new way of doing things"
continue to fly by at breakneck pace.

Grab a seat on one of the Alliance's named Task Forces at the temporary URL
above or start one of your own. The Alliance is a 'bottom up' (not to be
confused with 'bottoms up') organization, meaning we encourage the tail
wagging the dog, and we discourage the formation of any bureaucracy or red
tape that would get in the way of progress or your solution.

Task Forces, like the example set by Capital Growth above, are meant to hit
the ground running, working on such fully autonomous tasks as Internet
Media Rights (IMRs), Bandwidth Access, Internet and Civilization, Streaming
Technology, Wireless and Appliances, Global Commerce, Education, Capital
Growth, Advertising and Sponsorships, and the establishment of a Streaming
Media Foundation. The full list and their general descriptions are located
at the URL noted above. When joining, please be sure to indicate your
preferred task force(s).

Here's our shopping list. Doesn't hurt to ask!

1. The Alliance needs a website host and a website administrator. Fairly
robust. Of the 'Sponsoring Membership' variety. If we're representing the
streaming industry, we should have a showcase for some streaming. We'll be
inviting Members to submit streaming in various categories to showcase on
the organisational site.

2. The Alliance needs a listserve with a subcribe and unsubscribe
capability, and which can handle upwards of 50,000 or more distributions as
we grow.

3. The Alliance needs a fast text scanning capability so we can scour some
of the directories for recent meetings and conventions to query about

4. The Alliance will need sponsors so that we can budget for a full or
even part time executive director or executive secretary, public relations
and legal counsel. The Alliance will be somewhat self funding through
seminars and joint projects, such as joint pavilion exhibits beginning in
2001; but it will need sponsors for its Task Forces and administration.
The Administrator will continue to donate his time.

Whaddya know. A revenue model.

The recent demise of heavily-capitalized, robust entertainment-only
streaming websites such as DEN, and the flight of capital to B2B has given
rise to new enterprise-level business services by some companies previously
known mainly for their B2C websites.

It has also given rise to new terms, such as 'sBusiness' and 'sCommerce',
as streaming companies discover that their expertise is in demand. Many
are also looking closely at infrastructure.

Where a PC and a DSL connect, plus some bandwidth was all that was needed
originally to get into the 'streaming' business, the cost of entry for the
serious enterprise-level player is exponentially rising. Avoiding the
pitfalls often means turning to the 'pioneers' -- companies that have been
doing it now for at least six months to a year <g>, which of course
stretches back to the last millennium -- and acquiring and applying learned

One of the Alliance's functions will be to help connect those with digital
needs with those with digital solutions. We welcome URL submissions by
sBusiness providers which link to demonstrated expertise. We'll publish
these from time to time in this newsletter. Send along a short paragraph
with each submission.

Your next call may be from Tom Cruise.
But if Sandra Bullock calls, transfer the call here.

It started, of course, with Priceline, and Commander Shatner, whose measley
125,000 options are now worth millions, but that was about advertising FOR
a dot-com on TV.

But now the story is taking a new twist. At a recent weekend gathering of
dot-coms in Silicon Valley, descended on by a contingent of football and
baseball all-stars, Internet entreneurs face to face with their heroes --
Joe Montana, Keyshawn Johnson, Ronnie Lott, who with ex-49er Harris Barton,
founded Champion Ventures, a venture capital investment firm for
professional athletes -- suddenly found that they, the Internet players,
were the ones 'signing autographs' for the sports players.

Lott and Barton, along with Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Brent Jones, Junior
Bryant, Merton Hanks, Dan Marino, Barry Bonds, Eric Karros, Ryne Sandberg
and Steve Kerr -- 99 athletes in all -- have pooled a minimum of $250k each
to create a $40 million venture fund that they will invest in the ten
leading technology-focused venture capital funds. 

Champion is investing from $2 million to $5 million each with Accel
Partners, Benchmark Capital, ComVentures, Crosspoint Venture Partners,
Mayfield Fund, Mohr Davidow Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Redpoint
Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Technology Crossover Ventures. 

Now they're marketing their names and faces and talents, too. "I want
equity," said Johnson. Fame and fortune. Fame they have. Now they want
the other. To facilitate, big time agents like William Morris and
Creative Artists are being told by their stars to find them endorsement
opportunities and a slice of the New Media. Cindy Crawford has even
joined the Board of Directors of! 

It's not always easy to make the transition. David Hasselhoff, with one of
the biggest star cachets in Europe, recently found his website ecommerce
ambitions treading water because his new series failed to get enough

A place in the history books for 100 Cyberwest pioneers! (to be constructed)

Founding Members: Camille Alcasid,; Ernesto Assante,;
Frank Baia,; Melissa Edison Barnes,; Jonathan
Beavon,; Rick Bergan,; Wendy Bernfeld,; Frank Boyd,; Felix Bopp, New Media
Consulting; Andrea Cappellari,; Lawrence M. Cohen,; David Coleman,; Barry C. Collin,; Bill Davis,; Wendy DellaCamera,; Laurence
Desarzens,; Chris Desrosiers,; Dimitri Devyatkin, Europe; Carol Davis Dillard,; John M.
Dutton,; David Edwards,; Thomas
Edwards,; Jeffrey Erb,; Tim Erwin,; Gayle Essary,; Todd Essary,; Anthony E. Fairfax,; Adam Fast,; Jim Felder,; Enrico M. Ferrari,; Len Feldman,; Mike Fiorentino,;
Chuck Fishman,; Stephen G. Flanagan,; Dennis Fortier,; Mike Galaxy,; Alok Garg,; Karen Gold,; Mark Graff,; Daniel Grossfeld,; Jechiam Gural,; Jeff Haber,; Uli Haller,; Carrie Harvey,; Ron Hatfield,; Annie Hayhurst,; J. Matthew Hijuelos,; Michael J. Hill,; Trish Hill,; Bradley Horowitz,; Annie Hughes,; William C. Hulley,; Michelle
Jacobs,; Erwin Jansen,; Michael Katz,; Matt Kinnaman,; Hong Kong Su,; Jon
Leland,; Bridget Leray,; Leah Lipkowitz,; Jeff Mandelbaum,; Allan McLennan,; Bruce Mello,; Gary Miller,;
Chip Morgan,; Jay Ottaway, VidaStream GMBH; Neal Page,; Jeanne Meyer,; Jim Miller,;
Judy Moi,; Jeff Morris,; Mark Muggeridge,; Kenneth Park,; Catherine Patterson,; Elizabeth Pennell,; Luigi Perri,; Garv Rigby,; Geri Rockstein,; Ron Quartararo,; Rafael O. Quezada,; Eric Rhoads,; Jay Roberge, Clever
Communications; Robert L. Robinson, Jr.,; Shraga Rottem
M.D.,D.Sc., DOCS; Duncan Ross,; Chris Schults,; Mark
Schulze,; Randy Selman,; Mark D. Smith,; Paul Siegel,; Lloyd A. Silverman,
TheArtistsColony; Torben Takle-Jensen,; Paul Tatro,; Jay Thomas,; Stephen Tippie,; Harris Tulchin,; Barry Turbow,;
William Paul Underwood,; Christian Vanderborght,;
Jennifer Wilkinson,; Louise Worth,; Brian
Zisk,, George Zraick;

General Counsel: D. Terence Jones, Esq., Partner, Wiggin & Dana.
Public Relations Counsel: Dr. Ray Ivatt, VP, Technology, Watson-International

***************************** INFO BRIEF *********************************

Get a free issue of Streaming Media Magazine!

The May issue has the 25 HOTTEST faces on the streaming globe!

June is all about the 'Robinson Files'!
"The Master of MP3 Mayhem!"

When it's out:


UpStream Calendar
sEvents on the horizon: June 8 to 30.
Add events: write

8: Narrowcast 2000, Paris

8 to 10: Emerging Artists & Talent in Music, Las Vegas

8: AlleyCat CFO Summit, New York City

8 to 10: iDEALS, Telerude, CO.

8 to 9: Web Attack Comes to Broadway, New York City

12: Streaming Media Alliance Hospitality, New York City, Hilton Hotel. &
Towers, Penthouse West Suite, 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.,1471,20831_06_2000,00.html

12: Streaming Media Alliance Global Organizing Session, New York City,
Hilton Hotel & Towers, Penthouse West Suite, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.,1471,20831_06_2000,00.html

12 to 14: Streaming Media East, New York City, Hilton Hotel & Towers

13: Streaming Media Sector Analyst Forum, New York City, Hilton Hotel &
Towers, Penthouse West Suite, 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.,1471,20841_06_2000,00.html

13 to 14: Europe's Seventh Annual CEO Summit On Converging Technologies,
Wall Street Journal, London, The Queen Elizabeth Conference Center

13 to 15: BSC Bear Stearns Technology Conference

13 to 15: Licensing 2000, New York City, Jacob Javits Convention Center

13 to 16: MIDEM Americas, Miami

15: Discovery Expo, New York City, Hilton Hotel & Towers

17 to 20: NEXPO, Newspapers 2000 Exposition, San Francisco

19: Jupiter Global Online Ad Forum, Cannes

20 to 22: Securities Industry Association Technology Management and
Exhibition, New York City, Hilton Hotel & Towers

20 to 23: MultimediaCom, San Jose

21 to 23: Online Exchanges 2000, San Francisco, Ritz Carlton

21 to 25: Internet World Korea, Seoul

22 to 23: Broadcast Management 2000, London, British Library

22 to 24: MOBfest 2000, Chicago

23 to 25: Variety's ShowBiz Expo, Los Angeles

24: Plug In: Jupiter Online Music Forum

26 to 27: Gartner IT Asset Management 2000, New Orleans

26 to 29: International Television Association, Orlando, Radisson Universal

27: Dances with FilmsFest

27 to 30: Object World Frankfurt 2000, Frankfurt

28 to 30: Real Conference Europe 2000, Paris

28 to 30: eMediatainment World, Los Angeles


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